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Echidnas. ;u;

(Okay so I tried to draw some and they came out bad, so you guys get old doodles then)

I can’t even begin to tell you guys how much development I put into Duke as a character.  I still regret not using this fellow as often because of the personality I gave him.  Duke is a calm and gentle person, rarely gets angry and respects everyone around him which questions why someone like him is at such a high rank.

Duke is a DEL Commander up until his chapter when missing and he was one of the lucky ones that Thrash didn’t get only because Fangs interfere and was ready to defend Duke to the end.  The one thing I really like about Duke though is just how he’s best friends with Fangs, even though both are completely different sides of the battle.  That the two friends swear they wouldn’t harm each other, no matter how crazy the situation got.

Okay need to stop before I express too much feels. ;n;